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Westland Greenstone specialises in the design and manufacture of quality jade jewellery, sculptures and ornaments. Westland Greenstone was established in 1962, it was the first retail and factory outlet in New Zealand.



Westland Greenstone has its roots firmly planted in Hokitika situated on the stunning, rugged West Coast of New Zealand. Established in 1962 we are one of the leading pounamu carving and manufacturing companies in New Zealand working in both retail and wholesale markets.

Whilst the company has changed hands over the years, we are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Today the company is owned by John Greaney. John has a long standing love of pounamu and the magic of the stone.

At Westland Greenstone, we employ a team of skilled carvers to produce a wide range of jewellery and accessories. Each piece is lovingly crafted from authenticated New Zealand pounamu. Whether this is a traditional shape such as a koru, twist, toki or manaia, or a custom design that allows creative genius to meet the customer's imagination, we are here to help you find or create exactly what you are looking for.

We only work with genuine NZ pounamu as certified by Ngai Tahu and each piece comes with a certificate of authentication. Our stunning jewellery and sculptures are sold in our Hokitika retail shop and in other outlets across New Zealand and the world.

About Westland Greenstone
About Our Pounamu


Our pounamu carvers often say that the stone guides them with its energy and spirit. They take immense pride in their mahi, working with the pounamu to craft and carve each piece to perfection.

Pounamu is often given as a gift of peace and also symbolises mana or status for its recipient.


Pounamu, or greenstone, as its also known, has long been a traditional taonga (treasure) in the homes of Maori. Using carving skills passed down over generations, pounamu has been crafted into jewellery, sculptures and weapons and other precious artifacts for centuries.

There are many types of pounamu that can be found across the West Coast, each has a unique colour, making it instantly recognisable. Preference for a particular greenstone colour is purely in the eye of the beholder.

The History of Pounamu



I have been carving and fossicking for jade for 17 years. Walking the rivers and mountains, with friends, looking for jade is my biggest passion. It has created a very strong bond, not only with us as friends but also with the land. I am very blessed and grateful to have had these experiences. I was taught by local Iwi and we continue to work closely with each other sharing knowledge and experience and learning off each other. Some of my favorite parts of carving is colour placement and sitting down with someone and getting what is in their head made in stone.


I have live most of my life on the West Coast. Moving from Karamea to Westland area 6 years ago I found passion for finding Greenstone on our coastal beaches. I started working at Westland Greenstone in 2018 in Retail, while in Retail I learnt how to do binding. As of January 2020 I am now the sole binder in out Factory. I am now learning some basic skills with carving, such as drilling holes, profiling and polishing which has me now wanting to learn more.


I've spent my whole life in Hokitika, growing up I spent a lot of time with family and friends that had a passion for Jade. I first started working with Jade at Westland Greenstone, which sparked my passion for the stone and the history behind it. The past 3 years I've progressed forward from cutting out slices, making basic pendants, bracelets and toki, to now making Mere's and learning more intricate carvings.